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Business Partners

We are extremely grateful for the support of our Business Partners (BPs). These local businesses make an annual subscription (currently £50) or in some cases a contribution in kind to assist the ongoing running of the group. Some of our Partners also provide additional support in the form of raffle prizes and/or sponsorship of stalls at the CIO’s events.

We also produce a quarterly newsletter for our Business Partners which you can read here.

In return we publicise their support through this website and at our events. Press advertising for these events includes the logos of our BPs as does our annual report. You can find out more about our BPs and what they do by clicking on their logos below.

The financial contributions we receive pays for this publicity. All moneys received are ring-fenced and used exclusively for this and similar costs and do not subsidise individual members subscriptions

If becoming a BP is of interest to you or you would like to talk to us about it please contact us
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