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A ‘Corny’ Night Out!

Swanage Rotary members enjoyed a more relaxed evening out this week, enjoying a break after the recent busy festive period.

We met up at the recently refurbished Village Inn at Ulwell to enjoy a lovely meal, good company and a proper introduction to the ‘Cornhole’ game, which was originally introduced at last year’s summer fete. We were also joined by our Assistant Governor Ros Nelmes from Blandford Rotary.

The game was brought back from the USA by Rotarian Chris Wallis and involves throwing small bags of corn or beans onto a board a few metres away. It Is apparently Incredibly popular in the states, where competitive tournaments take place. We suspect we’ve got a way to go before we achieve those heights but as a “starter for 10” this was an ideal opportunity to try it out.

Splitting into three teams, we each had two rounds to score as many points as possible. Scoring is straightforward with one point for landing a bag on the board and three for getting it in the hole. We’re not sure what a ‘good’ score is, but there were a couple of individual scores in the teens which we felt was probably not bad.

After everyone had had two goes, There was a clear winning team and then the two highest individual scores had a ‘throw-off’ to decide the winning player. Congratulations go to Rotarian John Thraves who was a convincing winner and collected the plaudits. Perhaps we should make this an annual competition? Or even propose it as an addition to the District Sports calendar!

Grateful thanks go to Rotarians Ali Arnold and Hilary Thraves for putting the evening together and to all those present for coming out on a cold and wet evening and making it such an enjoyable evening.