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Techniques for Restfulness

Charles Brettell came to Club this week to talk to us about Transcendental Meditation (TM).

Charles explained the origins and principles behind the techniques of TM, and went on to explain the many benefits that can be gained from learning how to meditate. He explained how modern technology can be used to measure brain activity during meditation and how that information can be used to improve mental efficiency, fluid intelligence and creativity. Studies also show that the techniques can be used to improve general health.

TM has been used in many different areas, including with members of the military following periods spent in war zones. It is also used in educational environments around the world.

The technique has also been shown to help personal and professional relationships. Studies have demonstrated significant improvements in terms of reduced stress, increased tolerance and better understanding of others.

The talk has certainly given club members food for thought, and on behalf of the club Rotarian Steve Parsons proposed a vote of thanks.

Those interested in finding out more can go to the TM website.