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Fighting Diabetes

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We heard from Ellen Brenner at our latest Zoom gathering.

Ellen works for the NHS but specifically with the ‘Living Well Taking Control’ programme, aimed at reducing instances of diabetes and, in particular, Type 2 diabetes which is mainly caused by lifestyle factors. Diabetes can cause significant health problems affecting heart, brain and eyesight if not treated.

It was explained that the number of cases of diabetes in the UK runs into the millions and would have a much higher profile were it not for the presence of the current COVID crisis.

While there are a number of factors that are outside our control such as age, gender and ethnicity, we can control elements such as weight, alcohol intake and sleep, all of which can contribute to increases in the risk of developing diabetes.

The discussion was very interactive with questions being asked both by Ellen and by the audience. Everyone present felt a lot better informed following the session.

At the end of the questions and answer session, David Pike thanked Ellen for taking time out to come and talk to us all.

A lot more information can be found on the Living Well Taking Control website and at