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A Lifetime of Service

Our speaker at our recent Zoom meeting was our very own Hubert Pierce.

Hubert’s Rotary service goes back more than 50 years and he was a member of Blackpool North and Lytham clubs prior to coming down south to join us all. Now in his nineties he is showing no signs of slowing down either!

In this online Q&A, asking the questions was President Nominee Chris Lefevre and he started with Hubert’s background growing up and his distinguished service during World War Two. Hubert has so many fascinating stories and there is certainly nothing wrong with his memory as he reeled the gathering with entertaining and amusing tales from his early years.

Moving forward to his Rotary career, Hubert’s first experience of a Rotary club was not a particularly positive one as a member of the club he first went along to (not named to protect the guilty!) rather took exception to him sitting in what he considered to be ‘his seat’. Undeterred Hubert found a much more positive attitude at the next club that he visited, and he spent many years at two clubs in the north west, becoming both Club President and District Governor in the process.

It was retirement in the 1980s that eventually brought Hubert down south, and he has spent many happy years at our club in more recent years. His knowledge of all things Rotary is vast and we may well have to have a second and even a third meeting to try and cover even some of what he has picked up over the years.

Needless to say, all those present thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Hubert’s life and Rotary career. We’re sure that there will be time for plenty more in the coming months too!

On behalf of the club, President Steve was delighted to propose a vote of thanks to Hubert for sharing some of his very active life with us, and we look forward to more when the situation allows.

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Rotarian Maggie Hardy reports on a very special occasion:

Club members and Friends gathered on the afternoon of Monday 12th August to celebrate the 95th Birthday of fellow Rotarian Hubert Pierce – a Rotarian of over 50 years’ experience. At a surprise party Hubert was accompanied by his daughter Nicki and friend Jackie. He was somewhat overwhelmed at the start to see so many present but thanked everyone for such kindness “in all my years in Rotary no one has ever done anything like this for me before“.

In a garden marquee at the home of Sue and Dave Whitton we all enjoyed a Ritz style tea and a very happy afternoon.

Jenny Huntley had kindly made a delicious cake decorated with a model Spitfire plane (flown by Hubert in the war).

Every member had paid £5 to attend the tea and after expenses Hubert was handed £175 to be donated to a charity of his choice, which he decided would be Swanage Dementia Friendly Community. He presented fellow Rotarian and Treasurer of Dementia Friendly, Mo Andrews, this generous donation towards local Dementia work.

Fellowship and Fun in celebration of Hubert’s 95 years – a well loved and respected Rotarian!