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Learning About Inheritance Tax

We were delighted to welcome one of our newest business partners to our Zoom meeting this week.

Chris LeFevre introduced Ian Futcher, who is a consultant with Quilter Financial Advisers and has many years experience in various roles in the sector.

But he spoke to us on this occasion specifically on the subject of Inheritance Tax (IHT). IHT is a minefield and so often people only encounter it when they have to i.e. on a loved one’s passing. Ian ran through the key aspects of the way that IHT works and gave us all some very useful tips on how to manage our finances to try to minimise the impact when the time comes.

There were a number of questions from those who had joined the meeting and Ian was only too happy to try and address them.

On behalf of the club Chris thanked Ian for taking time out to come and talk to us and we are all very much the wiser for hearing his sage advice.

For more information about Ian and Quilter, click here.