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Back to School!

For our first meeting of 2018, we were delighted to welcome Head Teacher Tristram Hobson, Chair of Governors Amanda Rowley, the Head Boy, Head Girl and one of the Senior Prefects of The Swanage School who came to talk to us with an update of what is happening at the school.

In March 2010 there was a meeting about local education reorganisation in the Swanage area. It was strongly felt that we should not use secondary education in Swanage. The Free Schools initiative, brought in by the new Government, was the opportunity to press ahead with the plan. It was also intended to develop a sense of community in the area.

The school is not under the control of the local authority, but part of Educating Swanage, and aims to develop children’s skills. The environment is conducive to learning and preparing students for life and the students have taken ownership of the school.

Student Leadership is important within the school and students are encouraged to participate as much as they can. This includes acting as ‘Big Brothers’ and ‘Big Sisters’ to those new to the school, to help them settle in. The school also runs events such as their annual fair and has a variety of sports and activities available to students. Rotary itself has been supportive in assisting with the catering club at the school.

The school undertakes a number of charity fundraising activities over the course of a year, supporting local as well as international causes. They work in the community too, helping to litter pick and keep the town tidy.

Head Teacher Tristram Hobson spoke extremely eloquently about how the school has developed from its original idea and how important it is that is it represents the dream that was formed a little over 5 years ago. He added that times change and it is important that the education provided adapts to the times and gives the students the confidence and ability to work as teams in the future. Tristram closed by showing a slide show demonstrating a flavour of what the school offers and provides, what it has achieved and what it hopes to achieve in the future.

On behalf of the club, Rotarian Jenny Hynan thanked Tristram, Amanda and the students for coming to see us and updating us about the school.